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Carles Salvador High School

IES Carles Salvador (Carles Salvador High School), located in Aldaia(Valencia), was inaugurated in the course 1994/1995, in the presence of the Town Hall Representatives, the Education Office, as well as teachers, parents, students and managerial posts from other schools in Aldaia.

The school started as an extension, in 1990, from the A-levels Ramon Muntaner High School in Xirivella, making use of Salvador Gadea Vocational Training School facilities, in the evenings.

The school was first started up by Mª Angeles Porter, as headmistress, and, afterwards Marisa Fernández, Salvador Torrijos, Rosa Labrandero and Armando Carpena were in charge. Nowadays, Jose Vicente Garrigues is the school´s headmaster.

The second cycle of Secondary Education and LOGSE A-levels took 4 years from the inauguration to be completed. In 2001, the first cycle of Secondary Education was implemented and, at the same time, a group of teachers started to give classes as permanent teaching staff.

As far as A-levels are concerned, students can specialise in Humanities and Social Sciences, on the one hand, and Science and Technology.

In addition, since 1996/1997 we have put into practice a Diversification Curricular Programme, which is an interesting opportunity for those 4th of ESO students, aged 16 or over, who cannot repeat a year but are willing to stay in the Education System in order to obtain the General Certificate of Secondary Education.

Nowadays, most of the school´s teaching staff is permanent as well as the non-teaching staff, in particular, two administrative assistants and three caretakers. The permanent staff is therefore, greatly involved in all the problems and projects taking place in the school.